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HumbercrestUC Our prayers and love are with the Muslim community here and abroad. We stand in solidarity with you, and with you,… https://t.co/Ugw1zIvp6l
HumbercrestUC When the Noise Overwhelms – Luke 4:1-13 https://t.co/jEkTRQX8XO https://t.co/imGyNdTuRU
HumbercrestUC More Love and Less Fear – Luke 6:27-38 https://t.co/SwsBDEWqdn https://t.co/7hwJrOxbNM
HumbercrestUC The Wisdom of the Woe – Luke 6:17-26 https://t.co/FA0T4ztgXP https://t.co/R7UYsrans9
HumbercrestUC Listening for God’s New Story – Luke 4:21-30 https://t.co/Eg7CTqlOPg https://t.co/4Ek05giLfs
HumbercrestUC To Be Led by the Spirit – Luke 4:14-21 https://t.co/ZvXvLQCauX https://t.co/hbdJYsxlrQ
HumbercrestUC Where will the River Lead – Is. 43:1-7 & Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 https://t.co/Tq0aJE4QZP https://t.co/ZE5UyVSdLk

Join us this Lent

Regular Sunday worship:  10:20 am

 Good Friday worship, April 19: 11 am

Easter worship, April 21: 10:20 am 

 After an exile of many weeks we are happy to be back in our sanctuary, filled with the warmth from both our new boilers and the community around us, as we begin our journey through Lent toward the new life of Easter morning.

 However you choose to prepare for the coming of Easter during the 40 days of Lent, whether by fasting, through prayer, making an intentional commitment to our environment, or by joining in worship, we hope that you will find this a time of growth and reflection.  May it bring deeper meaning to your spiritual journey and help you feel the pulse of new life and new hope coming alive within you.

 Join us this Lent, and together let’s walk the path to fuller life.  All are welcome!

Throughout these Lenten days and nights
We turn to walk the inward way,
Where meeting Christ,
Our guide and light,
We live in hope ‘til Easter Day. 
Weekly Audio Sermons
Rev. Jessica

Mission Statement

A welcoming and inclusive church; we walk with Christ through changing times with faith and hope.


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